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Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Initial Start-up in (Naira) =N=

1 family = 5 grasscutters (1male & 4 females) @   =N=70,000 each

 Starting with 5 families = 25 grasscutters @ =N= 350,000

Cage / Housing =   =N= 75,000 for 5 families

Food supplements (soya bean, crush animal bone, PKC ) =  =N= 30,000 / year

TOTAL =  =N= 455,000

Expected Income in (Naira )  = N=

1 female gives birth to an average of 4 animals within 6 months

4 females will give you an average of 16 grasscutters within 6months

16 grasscutters  x 5 families = 80 grasscutters within 6 months

In 1 year, you will be expecting about 160 grasscutters.

The grasscutters weigh between 6- 10kg at maturity

Let’s assume you sell each for =N= 6,000

6000 x 160=    =N=960, 000.


1. You spent =N= 70,000 to buy your parent stock (breeding stock) @ =N= 14,000 per grasscutter, why should you sell for less? I mean the breeding stock.

2. In the 2nd year you will not be concerned with housing and buying breeding stock, that measn much more profit for you.

3. Grasscutters rarely get sick. The cost of treatment is negligible. For example when they have dysentery ( running stomach) You administer chalk coal.

4.  Pls note that grasscutter as a delicacy is for the rich and it is in very high demand at restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels, and pepper soup joints and would be grasscutter farmers like you.

5. Breeding stock is more expensive than the fully grown animal.

6. Mortality rate in grasscutter is very low

7. Risk level is very low

8. Grasscutters have been known to litter (give birth) 11 offspring in some cases so using 3 offspring in the estimate above is just to be very very  conservative. You will certainly see much more than 4 grasscutters  in some cases.

9. There is joy in owning a grasscutter farm.

10. Grasscutter business is an inheritable business that if properly managed; it may out-live the owner and pass on to the next generation.

11.The cost of feeding is very low compared to that of poultry, piggery or fish farming.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Grasscutter farming is one the cheapest form of animal production available. This is because 95% of their food is grass and cassava.  This food type does not undergo any form of processing. They are administered in their raw state. An average grasscutter weighing between 6-10 kg could cost between =N= 7,000 –   =N=15,000.

As a grasscutter farmer you stand to gain from:

1. Supply of grasscutter meat to hotels, restaurants, individuals, fast food etc.

2. Supply of breeding stock to intending farmers

3. Advisory and General Consultancy

4. Training

5. Export

6. Grasscutter feed production

7. Excursion visit by students etc.

There are many decent ways to make good money farming small garden plots , backyard or any available corner in your house and a lots of people are using these spaces to earn part-time or full-time income. Rearing Grasscutter in this type of space is one of the best way to earn cool money.

Grasscutter (a rodent family), like many rodent species has been and will continue to be a delicacy in a number of countries, in Latin America, Africa and Asia where markets exist for a wide variety of rodent species for consumption. Grasscutters are often preferred over other sources of meat because of its unique taste and health benefits. It has no fat, or cholesterol. It is white meat and it is sometimes referred to as lean meat. The meat is of a higher protein content than any other domesticated farm animal and it is also appreciated for its tenderness.  This special delicacy is expensive to buy in the bushmeat markets, roadside or anywhere they are sold.

Intensive production of grasscutter has been undertaken in many African countries, including Nigeria.  Small-scale farmers, investors, businessmen and all those with wealth-mind set, can now take advantage of the  economic incentive for raising grasscutter  in captivity / domestication.

At PAN AFRICAN FARMS, our idea is about what to do. Ours is not theoretical but straight to the point and practical. Come over to Pan- African Farms today and learn how to earn extra money to augment your income from your backyard or from that little space around your home.

One of the major reasons and justification for grasscutter farming is to reate employment for both skilled and unskilled individuals, thereby helping to reduce the current high level of unemployment, hunger and poverty in the society.

Grasscutter farming is recommended for all including; farmers, Job seekers, Investors, entrepreneurs, military men and officers, Retirees, CEOs, government officials, NGOs, Businessmen and all result oriented people.

PAN AFRICAN FARMS delivers complete technology on intensive and extensive systems based on agro farming to meet your budgets, even if you don’t have substantial capital we know how you can improvise.

If you desire to invest in grasscutter breeding / production in ,    PAN AFRICAN  FARMS is ready and experienced to train, guide and mentor you wisely from site survey, location of project set-ups, feasibility reporting and  modern grasscutter  farm construction.

We are disposed to render any service you may require with respect to grasscutter breeding / production in any part of Nigeria and African as a whole.



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